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Tony, we can still be friends after the 12th … Ovill

Ovill McKenzie and Tony Conquest Hello Tony, You a good guy Tony.

I Respect you Tony for fighting me. I really do. Total Respect Tony

Bob Ajisafe says he wants to fight Ovill McKenzie … but won’t. Bob calls himself … The Lionheart … to be British Champion, Bob Ajisafe needs to fight Ovill McKenzie. He won’t. That’s up to him. There is no bite in Bob’s bark. Continue reading

Come on Bob … please come and get me, I am waiting !!


Two Gentlemen …. Ovill McKenzie and Bob Ajisage

Ovill Mckenzie and Bob Ajisafe, at the Maxi Nutrition Knockout event, held at Sheffield, 23rd March 2014. Ovill McKenzie was not asked to take part in the competition. Is Ovill that formidable an opponent ….. striking terror into the Light Heavy Weight Division. Ajisafe was crowned British Champion, 16th March 2014, the 4th ranked (Bob Ajisafe beating the 5th ranked Dean Frances … can you be the champion …. 4th ranked !! Continue reading

Ovill vs Enzo, 17th August 2013

Enzo+Maccarinelli+Nathan+Cleverly+v+Sergey+z3LpdY7dMJyl[1] Enzo+Maccarinelli

Enzo Maccarinelli had one of his finest nights in the sport, beating Ovill McKenzie to lift the Commonwealth light heavyweight title. An epic fight from both Ovill and Enzo. Nothing more needs to be said, except …. come 5th April 2014, Enzo Maccarinelli we wont you to beat Jurgen Braehmer to become World Champion.

Win, Lose, or Draw … fight Ovill a 3rd Time …. this time he will nail you !!